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3 classic viral videos that stand the test of time

Viral – it’s the magic word when it comes to video content. Every marketer dreams of one day being part of a digital video campaign that strikes a chord with the masses and goes global, resulting in huge spikes in web traffic, social media followings and, ultimately, sales.

There have been a great many viral videos over the years, but sometimes the oldies are the best.

How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking


Being a popular YouTube vlogger isn’t the same dream job that it once was – copyright strikes and changing algorithms are just a couple of issues that have plagued the once-flourishing online profession. But there are still some real gems from the golden era of vlogging, and Jenna Marbles’ work is among the best.

The original Queen of YouTube became an overnight sensation with her video, How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking. First posted in 2010, the video now has around 67 million views and was the starting point for Jenna’s multimillion-dollar career.


Will it blend?


Would you believe that one of the first ever viral YouTube videos wasn’t a controversial music video or ranting vlogger? Instead it was just some guy in a white lab coat blending stuff.

Blender manufacturers Blendtec saw their popularity skyrocket thanks to their Will it blend? video series, which featured Blendtec’s own Tom Dickson using the company’s ultra-powerful blender to destroy all manner of objects, from golf balls to iPads. And the carnage is as compelling today as it was way back in 2006.




Of all the entities to achieve success off the back of a viral video, a prison is arguably the least likely of all. But Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in the Philippines became world-famous in 2007 when over 1,500 inmates performed a dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller and, much like the classic MJ track, this video stands the test of time.

The performance was orchestrated by prison chief Byron F. Garcia, and actually resulted in some financial benefit for the prison when a donation of $35,000 was made – each inmate receiving $22 of said donation.


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