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What’s so great about Facebook anyway?

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Facebook is the world’s leading social media network, and has been for quite some time. The platform, headed by supreme social overlord Mark Zuckerberg, suffered from some negative attention from both government and media during 2018.  But, despite the obstacles, FB remains the world’s most widely used social platform.

So what exactly is it that has made Facebook so popular? And how has it been able to endure and continue to grow in an increasingly saturated digital world?

It provides a smooth user experience

One thing that has made Facebook such a success is its smooth and ever-improving user experience (UX). Whereas some of FB’s biggest competitors, such as Twitter, are more complex in their setup and are tailored to suit more web-savvy users, Zuckerberg’s platform has been carefully constructed to make it as accessible and easy to navigate as possible, no matter the user’s age or capability.

UX is a key contributing factor to the popularity of websites and mobile apps. The easier users can understand and navigate a digital platform or channel, the more time they’re likely to spend on it and return to it in the future. By continually monitoring and updating their UX, FB has accumulated a loyal base of over 2 billion users worldwide.

It shows your audience as individuals

Before social media, most brands only knew their audience as an assortment of statistics on a spreadsheet rather than as a group of actual individuals. But now, with every interaction coming from an identifiable social media profile, Facebook gives you the ability to see your audience as real people.

This revolution in audience interaction is something we often take for granted in the digital age, but it is still a tremendous plus point when it comes to enhancing your brand’s marketing ability. After all, it’s much easier to communicate with a individuals when you can see their faces.

It’s free to use!

The list of digital platforms requiring membership fees is growing at a rapid rate, yet FB has kept all things open to all users without charging a single penny. As a result, the platform’s user base has remained loyal and strong.

Of course, FB’s algorithm updates have made it increasingly difficult for businesses to grow their audiences and promote their brands without pouring shedloads of cash into the platform’s advertising service. But fear not! There are still ways for companies to boost audience growth for free.

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