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Why graphic design should be an essential part of your marketing efforts

When it comes to promoting your brand via various digital avenues (social media, email and so on), a strong image is one of the most effective ways to grab – and more importantly keep – your audience’s attention (as well as attract new followers). This is why good graphic design is such an essential aspect of building your brand in the digital space.

There are many advantages to utilising strong graphics for marketing purposes. Here are the most important ones:

Increases engagement

Think about how many posts you see per minute when you’re scrolling through the newsfeed of your preferred social media platform. Now think about what percentage of those posts you actually stop to take a proper look at. 10%? Less than that? Whatever the case, there’s no denying that an eye-catching graphic greatly improves the odds of you giving a post your valuable attention, and the same can be said for the audience you’re trying to reach.

Don’t believe us? Run a little experiment across all your social platforms and see for yourself – simply compare the number of impressions and interactions your photo posts receive versus your plain text posts. The numbers should be all the proof you need... unless you’re an incomparable wordsmith or have a very peculiar group of followers.

Save your word count

Most social media platforms favour smaller word counts, and some limit them entirely (looking at you, Twitter!). This is why it can prove hugely beneficial if you’re able to put together a good graphic which conveys your message without requiring line after line of text. After all, most internet users are only willing to engage with content if it’s given to them in small, digestible chunks. Doing this also frees up space to include URLs and hashtags, thus benefitting your SEO and overall reach.

(Relatively) cheap and easy

With the level of design software available today, creating quality graphics is possible for just about anyone – all you need is enough money to cover an Adobe Photoshop or InDesign package (or similar). And the best part is that with all the free video tutorials online, you don’t even need any prior design experience to get started.

However, if you don’t have the time or would simply rather leave things in the hands of the professionals, most agencies are able to provide custom designs at a relatively small cost. Of course, if you have the necessary skills and software to create your own graphics then the cost will be much smaller.

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