The 5 most valuable brands of 2018

The 5 most valuable brands of 2018

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Strong branding is worth billions; literally. The most dominant companies in the world are all proof of this. Unsurprisingly, in this day and age of technological wonder, the most successful businesses all operate within the digital space. 

Take a look below to see the five biggest brands of 2018 and what they’re worth (according to Forbes).

  1. Apple - $182.8 billion

With the introduction of the iPod back in 2001, Apple took on a whole new persona and today has become arguably the most forward-thinking corporate entity on the planet.

During their rapid growth period, Apple’s brand was synonymous with the popular hipster movement of the noughties which threw out convention in favour of original, subversive ideas (visit any Apple store and you’ll understand exactly what we mean). Since then the tech giants have built an empire on the back of that cool, casual identity.

  1. Google - $132.1 billion

You know you’ve gone truly global when your brand becomes a regular part of everyday language. Now, “Google” is part of the lexicon of most English-speaking people in the developed western world. Instead of “searching” for something or “looking something up”, people simply “Google it”.

What started as a team of search engine specialists has developed into a multi-tech goliath, with products including phones, laptops, watches and more.

  1. Microsoft - $104.9 billion

Led by billionaire mogul Bill Gates, Microsoft once ruled the tech world with their desktop PCs and unrivalled Office programmes. But, despite having been dethroned by Apple, they’re still very much in the running after branching out into social media and gaming with LinkedIn and the Xbox.

  1. Facebook - $94.8 billion

Supreme social media overlords Facebook have had a rough time of it recently, having been at the centre of some data protection controversy. Yet such is the strength of the FB brand – created by exuberant Mark Zuckerberg – that they remain very much atop the social ladder.

  1. Amazon - $70.9 billion

Amazon have been relentless in their growth in recent years and are showing no signs of slowing down. Their US e-commerce market share has been increasing year on year and is predicted to reach 45% in 2019. Don’t be surprised if they’ve climbed these rankings by the end of next year.


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