Benefits of outsourcing your social media management

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Social media is an essential tool in modern marketing, yet many businesses still see it as an obstacle rather than an asset. This is largely due to companies (SMEs in particular) not having the time or resources to invest in a full-time social media strategy.

Even in this digital age, it’s still quite common for businesses to have such gaping holes in their marketing departments and many business owners remain unaware of the benefits that good social media management can provide. So, with all this in mind, what makes outsourcing such a sensible solution?

Outsourcing will save you money

Hiring a full-time digital marketing professional is a costly investment, especially if you’re looking for someone with a good degree of skill and experience. However, choosing to hand over your social media management to an agency can save you literally thousands every year. Be Everywhere, for example,  provides social media management, as well as other services such as graphic design and email marketing, for roughly 25% of what you’d be expected to pay for a mid-level digital marketing professional.

Outsourcing will give you peace of mind

Posting social media content on a daily basis might not seem like such a monumental task, but trying to remain active online while balancing all your other day-to-day professional duties can actually prove quite stressful. That’s why, despite all the money you can save by outsourcing your social media management, what is arguably an even greater benefit is the peace of mind you get from knowing your social media is in good hands – this leaves you free to carry on with your daily working life without any added stress.

Outsourcing will give you better resources

Even if you can find the time to invest in your company’s social media development, having all the necessary resources to deliver the best results is another matter entirely. Such resources don’t come cheap, and then there’s the digital marketing knowledge required to utilise all those resources effectively.

A quality digital agency has expertise and resources to cover all areas of digital marketing, from the workings of social media algorithms to SEO best practices. With all this at their disposal, agencies are able to specifically tailor your content to earn you maximum reach and engagement across all of your chosen platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.).

Outsourcing will guarantee results

Audience growth and engagement are two things that we’re very big on at Be Everywhere. If your social media audiences aren’t growing or engaging with your content then something simply isn’t working. In other words, high growth and engagement rates are key indicators of social media marketing success.

Any reputable digital marketing agency knows what it takes to grow audiences and engagement rates across a wide variety of industries – both B2B and B2C. What’s more, because agencies have the time and resources to fully invest in growing your brand, they can help you achieve much higher rates of growth and engagement than would otherwise be possible.

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